Finding Refuge — Core Facets of Buddhist Spiritual Life

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Regional Sangha Retreat | Jan 13 6pm to Jan 16 2:30pm

The image of finding refuge is a central image in the Buddhist imagination. It conjures a story of finding shelter and safety in the midst of danger. This was the Buddha’s primary motivator in his own quest for liberation — the unavoidable problem of human suffering. What could be done about it?

By using the image of refuge, the Buddha was drawing attention to our enduring predicament: we are subject to the instability of Samsara — the cyclic, reactionary world of craving, hatred and delusion; and he was pointing to the freedom of Nirvana — liberation from craving, hatred and delusion.

Buddhists of all sorts share the primary act of Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels. The Three Jewels are the Buddha, the ideal of Enlightenment; the Dharma, the teaching of the Buddha and the freedom that the teaching points to; and the Sangha, the spiritual community. The Three Jewels represent our path from suffering to liberation, and sit in the middle of our mandala of practice.

What does Going for Refuge entail and how does it impact our lives? Whether you’ve been practicing Buddhism for some time, or are relatively new to it, this is a question worth unpacking! We’ll do so with meditation, Dharma talks, discussion, friendship and ritual.

Each day of this retreat will be dedicated to one of the Three Jewels —
The Buddha: We’ll explore the life of the Buddha, the ideal of Enlightenment, and explore the ‘Nirvanic trend’ in our own lives.
The Dharma: We’ll work with some core Buddhist teachings to reveal their profundity, as well as their practicality. 
The Sangha: Spiritual community is a place to find connection, support, inspiration and trust; we’ll explore sangha as a refuge both as an Enlightened ideal, and as an imperfect collection of friends doing the work of transformation.

This retreat is open to all sangha members from Aryaloka, Boston, Lubec, Portland, Portsmouth, New York and New Jersey. There will be a Zoom option for some sessions of the retreat if you would prefer to attend from home. Email for the Zoom link and schedule.

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Led by our Regional Sangha Team: Dharmasuri, Sravaniya, Suddhayu and Sunada.

How are we coming together safely?

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  • If you have recently recovered from Covid-19, stay up-to-date with CDC guidance here as to when you’re clear to be back in public.*
  • If you have cold or flu symptoms, we ask that you do not attend in-person.*
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  • We have installed new air purifiers with virus-destroying technology!
  • There are new cleaning and sanitation protocols.

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January 13th, 2023 6:00 PM to January 16th, 2023 2:30 PM
14 Heartwood Circle
Newmarket, NH 03857
United States
Phone: 603-659-5456
Event Fee(s)
Sliding Scale 1 $360.00
Sliding Scale 2 $290.00
Sliding Scale 3 $230.00

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