The Balance of the Dharma Life: Tuning in with The Five Spiritual Faculties | Regional Retreat 2024

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The Balance of the Dharma Life: Tuning in with The Five Spiritual Faculties | Regional Retreat 2024, January 12th to 15th

Long ago, a disciple of the Buddha named Sona became discouraged with his practice of the Buddha’s teaching and considered leaving the order of monks. Sona had been making vigorous effort, yet seemed to be getting nowhere! His practice of walking meditation was so intense, that his feet were worn raw. The Buddha became aware of Sona’s struggle and approached to help. The Buddha instructed Sona to approach Dharma practice as a musician tunes an instrument. When the strings of a lute are too tight or too loose, the sound that is produced is undesired. But when the strings are tuned just right, beautiful music resonates from the instrument! The Buddha said, “In the same way, Soṇa, when energy is too forceful it leads to restlessness. When energy is too slack it leads to laziness. So, Soṇa, you should apply yourself to energy and serenity, find a balance of the faculties, and learn the pattern of this situation.”

Perhaps we see something of ourselves in the story of Sona — going at it too hard or becoming discouraged and giving it all up! The wisdom of applying a balanced effort to Dharma practice is present from the very origins of Buddhism. We see this in the Buddha’s own story when he engaged in extreme austerities and had to reassess his approach when those failed. Thus was the Middle Way as an approach to spiritual life realized and passed on.

Does our own practice need some fine tuning? What is the quality of our own effort like? Do we tend to rely one-sidedly on any one dimension of Dharma practice? The teaching of the Five Spiritual Faculties is a core teaching of the Buddha and remains relevant and practical today. Taken together, the list of the faculties can be seen as a progression from Faith to Wisdom and as qualities that are balanced in our practice: Mindfulness balancing the dynamics of Faith and Wisdom, & Vigor and Meditation. On this retreat we’ll explore each of the faculties and engage in practices that inspire these qualities to develop in our lives.

The Faculties are —
Faith/confidence: Not belief, but the intuition and motivation to walk the path; the resonance in our hearts with Reality.
Vigor:  Energy in pursuit of what is skillful, of what leads to awakening.
Mindfulness: Awareness is everything!
Meditation: The integration of conflicting energy and resultant peace and clarity.
Wisdom: Not mere knowledge, but the direct experience of what is real and beyond words and concepts. 

This retreat is open to all sangha members from Aryaloka, Boston, Lubec, Portland, Portsmouth, New York and New Jersey. Born from a desire to bring our east coast sanghas together, the Regional Retreat has been running for 15 years! This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Buddhists from across the region and make new friends.
There is a Zoom option for some sessions of the retreat if you would prefer to attend from home. 

Led by Cittavan, Dharmasuri, Sravaniya, and Suddhayu

This retreat is residential and meals/housing are included in the price. Please see the note below about donations for teachers.  You can access helpful information about attending retreats at Aryaloka here.

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January 12th, 2024 6:00 PM to January 15th, 2024 2:30 PM
14 Heartwood Circle
Newmarket, NH 03857
United States
Phone: 603-659-5456
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