Spiritual Vitality Council

Aryaloka’s Spiritual Vitality Council is composed of senior members of the Triratna Buddhist Order entrusted to ensure that Aryaloka’s teaching and programs effectively communicate the Dharma, and reflect the perspective of the Triratna Buddhist Community. The SVC ensures that Aryaloka’s classes, programs and retreats appeal to a broad range of Buddhist practitioners, from beginners to long-time Order Members. The SVC also works to develop, train and support Aryaloka’s teachers/facilitators.

In addition, the SVC ensures that Aryaloka’s policies, procedures, and activities are informed by and reflect the Buddhist ethical precepts. To this end, the SVC is a guardian of the wellbeing of all who enter Aryaloka’s doors, and addresses matters or disharmony or harm within the community.

Contact the SVC with ideas for classes, programs or retreats; to enquire about teacher-training; and questions or concerns about the spiritual and ethical foundation of Aryaloka’s activities. If you have any concerns about the ethical behaviour of sangha members or a person you believe to be at risk, please contact a member of the SVC in person or at info@aryaloka.org.