Aryaloka News

The Passing of Dh Vihanasari

Our dear friend Dharmacharini Vihanasari (Sandra Bonin) died on August 18, 2023 at age 79 following a long struggle with Alzheimer’s.  We remember her as a long time member of the Aryaloka sangha. First as a friend, then a mitra and in July, 2008, she was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order and given the Buddhist name Vihanasari by Dayalocana her Private Preceptor.  Vihanasari had a strong connection with 1000 armed Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion. He represented her desire and willingness to solve whatever problem came her way and her compassionate nature. 

Vihanasari was my good friend, as well as a friend to all. She was kind hearted, caring, gracious and was always willing to be helpful. She will continue to be remembered for her warmth, sincerity and friendliness.  We all will miss her cheerful smile and positive energy. As someone said, her smile reflected her gentle soul.

Celebration of Life for Bob Montgomery

A Celebration of Life will be held for Bob Montgomery at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, 14 Heartwood Circle, Newmarket NH, on August 19th, 2-5pm.
The family will be providing light refreshments. 

Our driveway: Driving around Heartwood Circle you'll see a sign for Aryaloka; take a right at the sign and then bear right, following the long driveway that goes into the woods. Please do not bear left into our neighbor's driveway (their house is also a dome and sometimes people get them mixed up). Also please drive around the circle slowly, as there are often walkers in the neighborhood.  The main entrance to the center is between the two attached domes.

Robert (Bob) Lane Montgomery, 77, passed away January 11, 2023 peacefully and sur- rounded by love at Ports- mouth Regional Hospi- tal. He was born August 29, 1945 in Rochester NH, the son of Ralph Montgomery and The- resa Brown.

The Installation of the Dakini Rupa on the Men's Retreat

On July 14 to 16 Aryaloka hosted the Freedom Beyond Fear men's weekend retreat. On Saturday afternoon, the rupa (the form; a statue) was installed with many hands working together. Although the origin and age of the rupa is unknown, Neil Harvey rescued her and several other rupas many years ago from a liquidation warehouse; he then donated the rupas to Aryaloka where they are now back in a context of Dharma practice.

Double your generosity with NH Gives June 6-7, 5pm to 5pm!

Double your generosity with NH Gives June 6-7!

Generosity is a central practice in the Buddhist path of transformation. You have the opportunity to double your generosity by being part of NH Gives, a 24-hour giving window for NH nonprofits, starting today (June 6) at 5 pm.

Three Sangha members are each putting up each $1,000 to match your donations! An anonymous donor is putting up the first match. And order members Cittavan and Saddhavasini will be the second and third matches. 

The giving window opens 5 pm June 6 and ends 5pm June 7th. The initial $1,000 will go first, before the second match kicks in, followed by the third. Your gift will be doubled. With your participation we can be sure to take full advantage of those matches!

We raised more than $11,000 last year in 24 hours. Can we do that again? Thanks to these matches (and another gift of $1,000!) we are already a third of the way there.

Center Update from Suddhayu

By giving one unites friends.
— Samyutta Nikaya I.215

As new life springs from the gardens and woodlands at Aryaloka, we are seeing new life in our Sangha as we emerge from the pandemic. With the spring comes Aryaloka’s annual pledge drive. I wanted to thank you for your support and give you an update on what’s been happening at the center.

Generosity continues
Thanks to the generosity of people like you, giving in the pledge drive was again strong in 2022, having increased by nearly 50 percent over the previous year. We hope to continue and even increase that level of support through regular monthly donations.