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Shantimukta is Ordained!

I am pleased to announce that Denise Martin of Vermont USA had her Public Ordination at Aryaloka Retreat Center in New Hampshire on Saturday, October 9, 2021, after a small 8 day retreat.  

She becomes Shantimukta, “She who is freed through peace.”
Her private preceptor is Sunada and her public is Karunadevi.

Sanskrit Pronunciation:
The ś  as in “sharp”
Each ā  as in “father” 
The i is short as in “hit” 
The u is short as in “put”

This is the last of 5 ordinations that have taken place in the USA since April.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
With metta, 


Our First In-Person Retreat in Over a Year a Great Success!

We did it! Our first in-person (and hybrid!) retreat since March of 2020! 17 of us gathered in person, with 2 more on Zoom. We were able to confidently do this, knowing that all participants had been vaccinated, and enjoying the added security of our air purifiers, which we received a grant from Future Dharma to purchase. 

It felt great to be on retreat again; it truly felt like coming home. More events will be posted soon on our website!

Join the Aryaloka Tech Team!

As Aryaloka begins to hold in-person events again, we will be providing an online Zoom option for those who cannot attend in-person. This will apply to most retreats and classes, including our weekly Tuesday Friends’ Evening (which is not in-person yet). Our community has been enriched by the people who found us online for the first time during the pandemic, and our culture of how we gather has become multi-faceted.

Aryaloka Policy Regarding Vaccination Vs Covid-19

Dear Friends,
In returning to in-person events at Aryaloka, the Aryaloka Board has decided on a policy regarding vaccination vs Covid-19. We have done this with concern for the safety of all who participate at Aryaloka. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Aryaloka Policy Regarding Vaccination Vs Covid-19

After careful consideration and for the safety of all who participate at Aryaloka, we are requiring that all staff and indoor visitors to Aryaloka need to be fully vaccinated vs Covid-19. We will require proof of vaccination upon arrival at Aryaloka for retreat. We are aware that some people will not be able to be vaccinated and will provide options for online participation in classes and retreats. In addition, all in-person participants are required to sign a waiver of release from liability related to Covid-19. 

Wondrous Milksnakes Often Sun Near the Stupa

Eastern Milksnake

We appear to have some new guardians that enjoy the rocks near the stupa. We have seen two eastern milksnakes sunning themselves near the stone steps on multiple occasions. Milksnakes are shy and not venomous, but please give them space if you see them. They will most likely move away from you if approached, but they can create a rattling sound and lunge if cornered/provoked. You can learn more about these beautiful creatures here.

It is not lost on us that serpents or dragons — nagas in Indian mythology, are protectors of wisdom treasures. Let's live in harmony and peace with our beautiful neighbors!

Thank You For Your Support!

NH Gives logo

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of over 45 Sangha friends, Aryaloka raised more than $6,700 during these 24 hours of giving! That puts us that much closer to raising the $15,000 to cover the gap in revenue since we had to close our doors this past year. 

NH Gives, New Hampshire’s annual day of giving for nonprofits ended Wednesday, but you can still click here to give

If you have given, thank you! If not, there’s still time. Your gift – any size – makes a difference! Thank you so much for your support!

With thanks and metta,
Aryaloka Center manager

Welcome to Saddhavasini as Women's Mitra Convener!

the aryaloka shrine room

Hello Aryaloka friends,

On behalf of the Aryaloka Spiritual Vitality Council I’m happy to announce that Saddhavasini will be the new women's mitra convenor for Aryaloka Buddhist Center. Saddhavasini will chair a mitra convening team that will support and guide women mitras associated with Aryaloka. The team includes Saddhavasini, Khemavassika, Kamalasiri and myself.

Saddhavasini was ordained in 2018 in Spain and has a great depth of experience working in communication and with teams of people. We know her as the editor of the Vajra Bell, and we are delighted that she is taking up this new area of service to our sangha.

You Can Help in India — The Launch of Karuna USA

A woman in India covers her face during the coronavirus pandemic

Dear friend in the sangha,

As we know the situation in India is truly desperate. 

This second wave of Covid-19 is spreading like fire. Even the most conservative estimates report over 230,000 people have died, and 4,000 more deaths each day. Health facilities are overwhelmed. Night curfews and local lockdowns are paralysing many states, with devastating consequences for the most poor. It is the most vulnerable and marginalised people who suffer the most; not just from Covid itself but through the lack of access to income, food and sanitation that the crisis makes worse. Nepal is also seeing a deadly wave of Covid-19 hit and this is expected to be devastating.

A Future Dharma Grant Purchases Air Purifiers

new air purifiers

We are very fortunate to have received a generous grant from Future Dharma Fund to purchase air purifiers for the center! We purchased twelve purifiers to clean the air in common areas of the center. This will allow for a safer transition to in-person events, and cleaner air in the center generally. Thank you Future Dharma! Please consider making a donation to the Future Dharma Fund here

Thank You Karunashanti

Karunashanti's Ordination

We are grateful to Karunashanti who left Aryaloka a generous bequest at the end of 2020. The photo above is from his ordination in 2019. Karunashanti visited Aryaloka on several ocassions to attend retreats in preparation to be ordained. The Board has put his bequest aside and will earmark it for a special project.