Aryaloka News

New Buddhist Recovery Meeting in Portsmouth

Monday evenings, 7-8:30 at 73 Court St (upstairs), Portsmouth NH

The Portsmouth Buddhist Center is offering  a weekly Buddhist Recovery Group at 73 Court Street, Portsmouth, NH. The time will be Mondays from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The meetings will be facilitated by Dharmasukta, an order member in the Triratna Buddhist Community and a person in long term recovery. 

The Buddhist Recovery meetings will focus on Buddhist teachings, traditions and practices that can be helpful to people recovering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. There will be an emphasis on meditation practice, ethics, waking up and transforming unskillful behaviors. These are not 12-Step meetings, but we will see how the steps can be understood from a Buddhist perspective.

Our 2024 Pledge Drive and NH Gives June 11-12

NH Gives – 24 Hours of Giving starts next week! 
Next week we wrap up the pledge drive with NH Gives, a 24-hour wave of generosity that starts at 5 pm June 11 until 5 pm June 12. Your gift to this special appeal may be matched in that giving window, so watch here for those details. Click here to give on June 11 or 12, 5pm to 5pm.

Express your gratitude for the Dharma with your pledge today—
Aryaloka’s annual spring pledge drive is in its third week. Thanks to the generous support of many Sangha members, Aryaloka offers the Dharma to all who come to our center — virtually or in person. Some 90 Sangha members currently pledge their regular support to Aryaloka. 

Our Current Art Exhibit by Dustan Knight

Searching for the Sacred

An exhibition of work by Dustan Knight, April 14 to June 4. The opening reception will be on April 14 from 3-5pm. All are welcome.

DUSTAN KNIGHT is a professional artist (MFA/Pratt Institute & MA/Boston University in Art History)(UCLA-Summer)(TA AcademyRome/Pratt)
Knight works in an intuitive, process style that pushes her materials and depends on her many years of visual study and creative experience to achieve her signature looseness and dramatic color exchanges. Lyrical movement and elegant composition are consistent elements of her artistic vocabulary.

Viewings every Tuesday between 5 and 6:30pm or by appointment. Email to make an appointment. 

Our New Fridge and Lighting: The Fruits of 2023 Fundraising

Our end-of-year fundraising in 2023 was for a new fridge and new lighting. We're happy to report that the new fridge is in operation and that the new lighting has been installed! The fridge has really improved the kitchen functionality and user-friendliness.
Next time you visit Aryaloka, be sure to notice the new lighting in the yoga room. It is much easier on the eyes, and the track lighting offers a versatility for the display of art that we have not had before. On display now are works by Dustan Knight of Portsmouth. Her work will be up until late May and you can view it Tuesdays between 5-6:30pm or by appointment. 

As always, thank you to all who contribute to the support of Aryaloka!

The Heart of Compassion: A Residential Retreat with Viveka in NY

Led By: Viveka
Tuesday, June 18th evening to Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 at 12 p.m.

In Person at Sky Lake Retreat Center
22 Hillcrest Lane, Rosendale, NY 12472

Event Description:

On this retreat, we will practice and play with living with the pressures of our times and explore how to respond with mindfulness, metta (loving kindness), and compassion. 

The meditation emphasis is the Bodhichitta practice (also known as Tonglen or giving-and-receiving). We will use ritual and chanting to access collective care and compassion, rather than shouldering it all as a solo being.


New Buddhist Recovery Course in Portsmouth

Addiction and Recovery: How Buddhism Can Help— The Journey from Me to We
Mondays April 15 to May 6, 7-8:30pm at gateway Taiji, 875 Islington St, Portsmouth NH

There are many paths to the source. If you are someone who has experienced addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs, and are seeking ways to support your recovery, Buddhism can offer a path to help maintain recovery from addiction. 

A Mass for Peace Choral Performance

Our own Betsy Cadbury invites you to:

The Choir of the Community Church presents "The Armed Man (A Mass for Peace)" by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins. This compelling call for peace premiered in 2000 with the optimistic hope of farewelling the war-torn 20th century. Jenkins takes as his point of departure the 15th century French folksong l'homme arme (The Armed Man), used in masses by many Renaissance composers, mixing it with traditional Catholic mass sections, a Muslim call to prayer, a text from the Mahabharata and musical settings of poetry by Kipling, Dryden, Malory, and Japanese poet Sankichi (reflecting on Hiroshima). Our offering--directed by Durham's own David Ervin--is musical prayer for a world shaped by compassion and hope, turning from violence toward a future worthy of our many children!

March 9th or 10th at 7pm. Community Church of Durham, Durham NH

Our Kitchen is Painted in Preparation for our New Fridge

The Aryaloka Parks and Rec Team came indoors last week to give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint! This is in preparation to receive the new fridge that we fundraised for at end-of-year. We should be receiving the new fridge within the next month or so. The new lighting for the yoga room is in process and we'll have some pics of that soon.

Thanks to our volunteers on the Kitchen Team who cleared the kitchen out and put it all back together! And thanks to Parks and Rec for painting!

A New Buddha Rupa at Aryaloka

We have a new Buddha rupa at Aryaloka! Thanks to Eddie Langlois for this generous gift! She is a multi-armed form of Kuan Yin, carved from wood. Traces of the original paint are still visible. She is very delicate (please do not touch). You’ll really notice her presence next time you enter the yoga room. 

How wonderful that she returns to a context of intensive Buddhist practice! We’ll be planning a big event in the near future to properly welcome her.