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A letter from Amala as we approach the one-year anniversary of shutdown

the aryaloka shrine room

Dear Sangha Friends, 

As Gunopeta, a friend in downeast Maine recently said, ‘The sap is rising’. What encouraging words to hear at this not-yet-warm time of year! The winter will turn to spring. The days are longer already, with more than 11 hours from sunrise to sunset. And the equinox is in a mere 2 weeks! 

In short, we’ve made it. We are just about through the winter. I hope that you have come this far unscathed. And I’m happy to share that Aryaloka has done just that. 

As you know, the Center remains closed for classes and retreats. However it is not abandoned by any means. I asked Roddy Cole and Paul Dupre, who are at the Center regularly, to share a few of the things they have been doing and noticing at Aryaloka over the many months of closure. 

Roddy, who cares for the plants at Aryaloka, writes: