Ordinations at Akashavana: Welcome Singhasuri!

She who was formerly known as Lona Kovacs has become Singhasuri! Her Dharma name means ‘lioness-like heroine.’ Singhasuri was ordained with 17 others at Akashavana retreat center in Spain in the course of a three month retreat. She’ll be returning to us on the seacoast at the end of July.

Pictured: Ordinations at Akashavana — The North Americans: (left to right) Padmadharini (preceptor to Singhasuri), Sunada (preceptor to Tamojyoti), the newly ordained Singhasuri (lioness-like heroine), the newly ordained Tamojyoti (she who is a light in darkness), Vimalasara (preceptor to Tyagatara), and the newly ordained Tyagatara (one who is a star of generosity) Sadhu! 


ordinations at akshavana