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Eight Step Recovery Group on Zoom!

Triratna NY-NJ is starting an Eight Step Recovery Meeting. Open to anyone who identifies as being in recovery from addiction, habitual behaviors and obsessive tendencies. We focus on the Buddhist Teachings to overcome addiction. Great supplement to 12-step recovery programs.

Based on the book: Eight Step Recovery: Using The Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction, by Dr. Vimalasara Mason-John (hon.doc) and Dr. Paramabandhu Groves PhD

Meeting day and time: Wednesdays on Zoom 7 - 8:30pm EDT Starting 07 September 2022

More info and sign up here:

Eight Step Recovery: exploring addiction and recovery through the lens of Buddhism — Triratna NY • NJ

Updated Aryaloka Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Safety: (For events that are not overnight)

How are we coming together safely?

  • If you know you have been exposed to Covid-19 or if you have had Covid-19 within a five day period of the event’s start-time, we ask that you not attend in-person.
  • Masks are optional unless otherwise stated. Please wear a mask if you have recovered from Covid-19 and are still between days 6 and 10 from your first positive test.
  • If you have cold or flu symptoms, we ask that you do not attend in-person.
  • We have installed new air purifiers with virus-destroying technology! 

Zoom options are available for some events. Transfer of fees or refunds are also available for illness or illness-preventative related absence. Please email if you have any questions about our safety protocols.

Volunteer Profile: Meet Deb!

Deb Seavey first came to Aryaloka Buddhist Center (ABC) in January 2014.  She became a Triratna Mitra in November 2015.  In November 2016, she made a pilgrimage to India where she met many Indian Triratna Order Members and was inspired by the impact that the Triratna Buddhist Order (TBO) has on the lives of Indian people.  In March 2017, she requested consideration for ordination and began training for ordination in and by the TBO.

Deb has many favorite Dharma books.  Recently The Inconceivable Emancipation by Sangharakshita has inspired her.  Her fellow sangha members, their practices, and the impacts that they are having on the ABC community and, by extension, the world, also inspire her.

Welcome to our Newest Mitra, Martha!

Martha Stolzer of Portsmouth became a mitra this past week during Aryaloka’s Sangha Night. I was delighted to conduct the ceremony with Aryaloka’s and Martha’s friends and family present.

Martha has been coming around to Aryaloka for more than two decades. I first remember meeting her at a retreat with Maitreyabandhu in 2018. She came to Aryaloka seeking spiritual refuge from her life struggles, attending classes and retreats. At the start of the pandemic, she dived more deeply into the Dharma, attending Sangha Night regularly online. After attending a day on spiritual friendship and witnessing another mitra ceremony recently, she decided to declare her wish to live and practice Buddhism as part of our Sangha. 

Please join me in welcoming our newest mitra. You can reach her at

With metta and mudita,


Entering the Mythic Realm —  An Exhibition of Paintings by Deb Seavey

Entering the Mythic Realm —  An Exhibition of Paintings by Deb Seavey

“This show is a collection of colorful paintings of beings who inhabit a mythic realm — Buddhas, Bodhisattva’s, and apsara. With these paintings, I am hoping to inspire connection with these archetypes, the attributes they embody and the realm they inhabit within the human experience.” 

The pieces will be up between September 22nd and November 14th. Email to schedule a viewing, or stop by any Tuesday between 5-7pm. Opening reception Oct 15, 3-5pm.

Volunteer Profile: Meet Dayalocana!

Dayalocana first came to Aryaloka Buddhist Center (ABC) in January 1989 through a class on meditation and Buddhism taught in Concord, New Hampshire, by Manjuvajra, an Order Member of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (the FWBO), which was the predecessor of the Triratna Buddhist Community (the TBC).  Manjuvajra invited the class to attend a day retreat on Padmasambhava at ABC, and Dayalocana has been attending ABC events ever since.

A Celebration of Life for Teal, Aug. 28, 1:30pm

On Sunday the 28th of August, at 1:30pm at Aryaloka and online, we will celebrate the life of Teal Furnholm, a member of the Aryaloka sangha and an inspiring friend to many. Teal passed away on June 27, just a few weeks ago. She left us some teachings that she wanted to share, and a beautiful video that expresses her vision. Teal deeply wished for all beings to find happiness and to be relieved from unnecessary suffering. You are warmly welcome to come and view her offerings to us, to hear a puja for her, and to offer your own remembrances and rejoicings. There will be light refreshments following the celebration. Teal's close friends from Massachusetts will be present to join us. 

Please RSVP to for in-person or online participation so we can send you the link to join and have enough food on hand. 



Volunteer Profile: Meet Dianne!

Dianne Wright always had been curious about Buddhism but, until 2010, had read only a few Buddhist authors.  She began a mindfulness class that year at a local church, and her nascent interest in meditation brought her to Aryaloka Buddhist Center (ABC) for a five-week introductory meditation class.  At that juncture, her interest in the Dharma had been kindled.  She began attending Tuesday Friends’ Evenings each week and, a few years later, became a Triratna Mitra.

Volunteer Profile: Meet Lois!

Lois Sans came to Aryaloka Buddhist Center (ABC) around the year 2000 for her first meditation class.  Over the next ten years, she occasionally attended ABC workshops, retreats, and Friend's Night.  In 2011, she yearned to see herself more clearly, and, in response, made a commitment to Buddhism and became a Triratna Mitra.

Lois was content being a Mitra and had no intention to request consideration by the Triratna Order for ordination.  However, in the midst of a discussion at an ABC retreat in 2022, something shifted within her, and she realized that in order to go deeper into her practice, there was no viable alternative other than to request such consideration.  As a result, Lois has begun her training for ordination.

For twenty years, the book that has remained on her nightstand is the Dhammapada.  Lois loves the simplicity and beauty of each phrase and believes that it has sustained her for many years.

A Remembrance of Teal

Teal Furnholm, sangha member and mitra sister, passed away very peacefully at her home on June 27, 2022. She had lived through cancer more than a decade ago, but it returned in recent years and finally got the better of her. 

Teal began practicing with the Aryaloka Triratna Buddhist community while she was in graduate school at UNH, in approximately 2010. After receiving her PhD. in Molecular Biology she moved to California for several years. While there Teal continued to practice. She posted often on Triratna and Aryaloka facebook pages and always felt part of the sangha.  In 2019 Teal moved back to the east coast. Her cancer had returned and she needed to be near Boston for treatment. During these last years she lived with close friends in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. It was these friends who cared for her to the end.