Volunteering & Scholarships

Volunteering is a Great way to Make Friends, Build Community and Help Others! 

It takes a community to run a place as big as Aryaloka! Aryaloka has always been a grassroots situation, funded and facilitated locally by the sangha (spiritual community). In the spirit of sangha, we practice generosity in relation to each other and the world around us. Generosity can be practiced in many ways, including the helping of our friends. Volunteering at Aryaloka can be a great way to build community and friendship with others. Volunteers learn that their participation really has an impact on the overall life of the community, and a visible difference to the quality of our beloved facility.

There is currently a great need for volunteers at Aryaloka. We have a dedicated handful of people that work very hard and we would love to see more folks getting involved! Ideally we’d like to create a culture of volunteerism that goes beyond Aryaloka’s needs. There are many ways to participate. Please have a look at the list below, grab a friend, and get involved! There is a sign-up sheet at the center, and you can also email us at info@aryaloka.org to learn more or let us know how you'd like to participate. We're happy to meet with you!

Shrine craft
Arts events
Social media/Publicity
Retreat organization 
Interior painting/repair/construction
Zoom hosting/AV Tech
Sangha care
Community outreach

Volunteering can be a great way to give, and we recognize the value of that giving. For those who find it difficult to find the resources to get on retreat, or for those who would like to gift their credits to Aryaloka’s Retreat Scholarship, we offer a credit program

Presently the credit program applies to working in the kitchen, cleaning/laundry, and gardening. These are the most labor-intensive and regular areas of engagement at the center. Other areas of volunteering may also be included under special circumstances in communication with the Volunteer Coordinator and Center Manager. Spring and Fall Community Clean-up Days do not count towards earned credits.

Every 2.5 hours of volunteer work = ½ day retreat credit* 
Credits can be saved to be used for longer retreats; for instance, 2 half-day credits = a full day of retreat, 4 half-day credits = a weekend retreat. 

You can earn these credits to go on retreat, or give them away so that someone else can attend a retreat they might otherwise not be able to attend!

Aryaloka may need to limit credit-based participation on some retreats where there are extra expenses (such as airfare for visiting teachers). To track your credits, email the Aryaloka team with your hours after an event that you volunteered, or after weekly volunteering. To use or donate your credits contact the Aryaloka team at info@aryaloka.org  

*A half-day retreat/workshop is 4 hours or less; A full day retreat/workshop is 5 hours or more.