Double your generosity with NH Gives June 6-7, 5pm to 5pm!

Double your generosity with NH Gives June 6-7!

Generosity is a central practice in the Buddhist path of transformation. You have the opportunity to double your generosity by being part of NH Gives, a 24-hour giving window for NH nonprofits, starting today (June 6) at 5 pm.

Three Sangha members are each putting up each $1,000 to match your donations! An anonymous donor is putting up the first match. And order members Cittavan and Saddhavasini will be the second and third matches. 

The giving window opens 5 pm June 6 and ends 5pm June 7th. The initial $1,000 will go first, before the second match kicks in, followed by the third. Your gift will be doubled. With your participation we can be sure to take full advantage of those matches!

We raised more than $11,000 last year in 24 hours. Can we do that again? Thanks to these matches (and another gift of $1,000!) we are already a third of the way there.

Thank you for your gift! 

You can give at 
or mail your check to Aryaloka, 14 Heartwood Circle, Newmarket NH 03857.