Two Pilgrims on the Camino: An Interfaith Journey of Transformation

Two Pilgrims on the Camino: An Interfaith Journey of Transformation | Tuesday evening March 21, 6:45-8:45

Dharmasukta and his life partner, Pam, recently undertook one of the 3 great pilgrimage journeys- The Camino De Santiago, (The Way of St. James.) They welcome you to attend Aryaloka for a special evening of community and sharing. Dharmasukta and Pam, are an interfaith couple, who have learned to look for the commonalities in their respective faith journeys. One, an ordained Buddhist, the other, a Christian of abiding faith, undertook the challenge of walking the Camino Santiago in Spain. This 500 mile route crosses the country and immerses one in the history and culture of Spain and the Pilgrim community of walkers. This will be an evening of hearing about the joys and challenges of their endeavor as well as how each deepened their faith and were transformed in unexpected ways. Dharmasukta will share how his pilgrimage gave rise to many of the Buddha’s teachings. Pam will share how her own journey brought new levels of understanding and acceptance of the faith instilled by her parents.  The 3 W’s will be addressed- What, Where and Why. There will be lots of pictures, videos, stories, time for questions, resources for anyone considering their own Camino and a fully loaded Camino pack for you to try on.  And, last but not least, a traditional Spanish treat for all- Santiago Almond Cake. This evening will be available for Zoom participants as well.