Volunteer Profile: Meet Dianne!

Dianne Wright always had been curious about Buddhism but, until 2010, had read only a few Buddhist authors.  She began a mindfulness class that year at a local church, and her nascent interest in meditation brought her to Aryaloka Buddhist Center (ABC) for a five-week introductory meditation class.  At that juncture, her interest in the Dharma had been kindled.  She began attending Tuesday Friends’ Evenings each week and, a few years later, became a Triratna Mitra.
Dianne feels very blessed and grateful to have great teachers at ABC and in the ABC sangha.  Her favorite book is The Journey and The Guide by Maitreyabandhu, which she is now reading with a book group that Bodhana, a Triratna Order Member, started at ABC, and that continues to be affectionately referred to by its members as “Bodhana’s Bookworms.”  Other favorite books of Dianne are The Dhammapada and The Bodhicaryavatara.  In another book group, she is enjoying No Self, No Problem by Anan Thubten.
Her gratitude for her ABC teachers, the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha inspires her generosity with her time, talent, and effort as an ABC volunteer.  She is grateful for how the study and practices have given her insight into being a “novice bodhisattva” – a term that Dianne acquired in a mitra-study class on the bodhisattva ideal and that she likes to use as a motivator in her practice – and how the bhavana practices have benefited her and others. 
For Dianne, it feels good to be a volunteer.  Her regular kula is cleaning the ABC dome buildings, which she deems to be a beautiful symbol of The Three Jewels and a sacred place that is a joy to clean.
(Thanks to Ed Buice for compiling this profile)

Dianne Wright